I Believe...                                                                              




… that the purpose of schooling is not only to prepare children for their future role in society, but also to give children the tools to better society as well. 



…it important to value the opinions of others no matter how different they are from your own.



… it is important to respect and value diversity.



… that every child should be given the same opportunity for education.



… it is important to provide information to students in multiple different ways to ensure that all students regardless of learning style, can reach their full potential.



… it is important that all students feel that they are represented in their own education. See inquiry project.


… it is important for teachers to be a facilitator for student learning instead of the traditional lecturer.



… that the best way to teach history is by creating activities that allow the students to experience history for themselves. By participating in role-playing activities, debates, and creative writing assignments, students take away more from the lesson than just by lecture. For example, here is a lesson on The Boston Tea Party.



… that in this “Age of Information”, it is important to teach children to verify all information they hear, regardless of its source. Here is a lesson plan to show students the importance of verifying sources.